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  • What are Cyborg Apes?
    Cyborg Apes are a creation of Dr.Epstein. They are on a journey to go back in time to save apes from ruthless poachers. Our goal is to create a community of Sci-Fi and Ape lovers using NFTs as a platform.
  • How many Cyborg Apes will be released?
    A total of 1111 Cyborg Apes will be released.1000 will be sold through different stages. 101 for the team, to manage marketing, collabs and compensation. 10 will be sold via auction as Legendary.
  • What is the launch/mint date?
    10th January. Mark your calendars
  • What is the mint price?
    1.1 - 1.5 SOL (Final price will be decided 24H before the mint date).
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